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Matthew Russell

Matthew Russell is a professional triathlete and Ironman Champion who has competed in over 35 full Ironman events. He is constantly training at a high level which leaves him with lots of smelly shoes!

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Casey Worzella

Casey's Discount Code:  #CaseyWorzella Being a multisport athlete I am always looking for products that will help enhance not just one, but all aspects of my lifestyle. Friendly Foot has made for nothing short of a great experience in both my cycling, running, and my everyday shoes.  I do a large majority of my training without socks, and as you could guess it tends to lead to stinky shoes and feet.  Since I started using Friendly Foot all of that has changed. Not only does Friendly Foot prevent odor from starting it also helps fight against existing problems.  I have revitalized numerous pairs of old shoes that I thought were hopeless.  I use Friendly Foot powder in my shoes before...

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Gavin Johnson

"Friendly Foot is amazing!  I have been a climber for most of my life and that means I have worn many climbing shoes and sweat in them a lot!  Until I discovered Friendly Foot, I was not able to find a method to keep my shoes smelling fresh without taking away from performance..."

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